Top 5 Things Developers Look For In A Job

Top 5 Things Developers Look For In A Job
Top 5 Things Developers Look For In A Job

Top things developers look for in potential jobs

Developers are the lifeblood of many technology companies and without these highly sought after professionals it can cause delays and issues when developing products. Stack Overflow recently published their annual developer survey, which was completed by nearly 90,000 professionals!

Here are the top 5 things developers ranked as most important to them when looking for a new role:

– Languages, frameworks, and other technologies I’d be working with (54.1%) – With the tech industry evolving as rapidly as it is, no one wants to be working on dated technologies. By working with trending technologies candidates are likely to be excited at the prospect of learning something new and current. 

– Office environment or company culture (48.5%) – Dual screens, relaxed dress culture, good views, perhaps a spacious office, a free coffee machine, or maybe even just onsite parking. Some of the simple things in life that can make all the difference.  

– Flex time or a flexible schedule (45.6%) – The days of the 9-5 are long gone. More and more companies are adopting flexible hours to allow staff to work core hours needed. This can cause issues when trying to arrange internal meetings but with skype and conference call apps people can dial in virtually. 

– Opportunities for professional development (43.5%) – Linking back to the top point, candidates want to learn and have the opportunity to develop. Not necessarily moving up into management but to broaden their skill set and have the tools for future success. This can be done with either internal or external training. 

-Remote work options (31.7%) – An element of trust is needed from the employer to allow their employee’s to work from home. However with less office distractions there are studies to support working from home is more productive. 

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